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At The Flavor Society, we set out to create condiments that are unconventional, unique and packed with flavor. We love and have the utmost respect for the people who have created chili condiments all over the world. Our spicy, crunchy sauces are condiments inspired by Chinese chili crisp, Tunisian harissa, Italian preserved Calabrian chilis, Japanese crunchy garlic chili oils, Mexican salsa macha, Thai nam prik pao, Georgian adjika, the sambals of Indonesia and the countless other flavorful chili condiments that we adore. Our crunchy chili oils are also influenced by spiced seed blends like Japanese furikake, Egyptian dukkah and Middle Eastern za’atar.

Our flavors are inspired by our favorite foods, by everything you sprinkle on pizza, by wacky chip flavors and by creative chefs and cooks everywhere

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  • Crunchy Chili Sauce
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